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MY EYES ARE UP HERE: A Romantic Comedy by Author S A Healey - COMING SOON!
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  • Categories
    • Romance
    • General Fiction
    • Young Adult
    • Comedy
    • Body Positivity
    • Self Acceptance
    • Cosmetic Surgery

Jayne Carpenter is used to receiving unsolicited attention. But that doesn't mean she's happy about it. Her over-abundant "assets" have made her feel like a sideshow spectacle most of her post-pubescent life.

Tired of bearing the brunt of tasteless jokes and unapologetic ogling, she schedules a consultation with Doctor Eli Johnson, a world renowned plastic surgeon who could be her ticket to physical perfection.

But when he seems more interested in what's beneath her surface, she experiences for the first time, what it's like to feel beautiful in her own skin...