Praise for the Writing
of Romance Author
S A Healey

GoodReads 5-Star Reviews

Praise for The Writing of Romance Author S A Healey

"This is one of the best romances I've come across. It will make you feel angry, happy, sad and everything in between. It's an easy read and a page turner. It also deals with some very serious issues so don't expect a unicorns and rainbows kind of love story."

Angelica Frost

Praise for The Writing of Romance Author S A Healey

"Some writers have something special. S A Healey is one of those writers. I loved this story. It is different. It is emotional. It's not formulaic like most romances are. This story is as much about love as it is about addiction. Parts of this story will break your heart. I won't say any more because I don't want to give anything away. It's a fabulous read. You'll fall in love with the characters right from the start."

Fiona Dunlap

Praise for The Writing of Romance Author S A Healey

"I don't usually read romance but I enjoyed this story and Sue's pacing. It's a very mature and real book. It's not all ponies and unicorns but real hard-core issues too. Things we bump into when we least expect it when meeting a new somebody. I think that's why I love this book. It's very real."

Douglas R.


"I am struggling to find the words. Frankly, I wasn't sure I would find myself drawn into the drama and dilemma of of course I ended up in tears, hostage to the next emotional twist. Healey nailed addiction and the worn paths of those caught in and around it. I'm left rehashing, remembering, and waiting for the next one."

Jennifer Creech

"A romantic and heart-wrenching story! Ms. Healey writes her characters with so much depth and emotion. You care deeply about what happens to them - I can't wait for the next book!"JulieAnne

"Superb writing, cleverly layered story, believable key characters, imperfect humans, young and old, male and female, bonds of love and friendship, strained, exposed, in all their strength and weakness. This book, much more than a romance, as much of hope and forgiveness, of temptation, of slipping in and out of darkness, of the consequence of choices. The end gives reason to the title. Hard to believe this is a debut novel, S A Healey truly an accomplished author to follow."



"Impressive character development! Brings characters to life - vivid!! Can't wait for the next one."


"I could not put this book down. Such an honest portrayal of addiction and its effects on relationships."lovinlifeinma